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You've been sent here by someone who I know to be a good client. I'm rebuilding my portraits/headshots from the ground up and need some of your help.

What I'm offering:

  • Up to an hour of both shooting and proofing

  • A online public gallery of the selected images for proofing

  • Delivery of a single VERY high-res image of your choosing

  • Reasonable touch up of the delivered image

  • The final delivery will be an image similar to the image you see here in lighting, backdrop, and general tone.

What I am asking for:

  • You are on time, and looking you're best*

  • You are understanding of scheduling

You are not expected to pay anything. You can trade something, bring drinks or snacks, throw some change my way, or make a charitable donation to a cause you believe in. I find that living in NY always makes for exciting trades. Anything is accepted. Do not feel obligated.

If you need help with makeup, hair, or wardrobe​, please let me know ahead of time

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